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Cheap-Cheap WildLife for sale

  • Listed: March 8, 2018 3:19 am
  • Expires: This ad has expired


cheap-cheap WildLife for sale.



‘baby’ Lion for sale – Cute and Cuddly: This Lion ONLY for sale to Agents from Dubai and surrounds – and Gauteng Jappies that is —– Cheap-cheap lion for sale – Owner missing a young boy and 5 cows, but this cute lion refuses to go into his cage – so you can come and collect on your own costs…. no shooting….He’ll fit nicely (‘barely’) onto the backseat of your Toyota Corolla.



Contact Marco (if you think this is for real like the previous 6 callers – updated 4 May 2015)….


3 Reported cases (by 4 May 2015) of M99 NOT working. Last year there was a different brand of chemical watered down by the locals(SA), now the real/original packaged M99 from the USA is not working. If you have issues, please let us know, as there is already tests being done on bad batches – animals are dying...

(Where you have to double dose an animal just to get them chilled down)…
or Losing ALL the zebra darted with a ‘fresh’ bottle of M99 but NO PROBLEM on all the animals darted with a older bottle, on the same run…with a mega experienced vet…(Name available on request from other vets).



Experienced capture teams refuse to clean up after these new CHEAP-CHEAP wildlife capture teams. 
Why not allow the new(inexperienced) guys on the market to capture your animals, because “out with the old, in with the new” is the cheapest option and looking at the “successfull” auctions – there is a lot of money to be made?
— When they fuck up, why should the experienced crews come in and do “double the work” because now these animals are all over the place. Standing orders are now, that if you want a team to work for you - you sign off ‘that no-one tried to capture the animals this season yet’….(team Comment: We are not stupid, with 5,000 hours flying do you think we don’t recognise the tell-tale signs of a previous botched job….).

ha-ha.. slim vang sy ‘cheap-cheap’ baas..


Buyers beware: Case study.
1) You buy your dream wildlife farm.
2) x amount of impala are included in the deal.
3) Asking quotes from the ‘local’  wildlife team to come and catch gets NO RESPONSE
4) You then ask us to catch these Impala to recover some costs.
5) The tracks indicate there are tons of Impala, but flying over your new farm indicates “NO” impala (or 50 scattered, jittery animals)
6) You’ve been F@$%$$%…….and the ‘non responding local capture team’ is soooo much a suspect..(No names to protect my arse)



Disclaimer: My website and I believe Aliens from other STAR systems exist, so this is my opinion. You don’t have to believe me….(or feel guilty as the suspect because do you think we don’t tell everyone else about you?). Thanks, Johan


AND, then you have the people that ALWAYS buy and never pay….. My ‘mom-and-dad’ is on a plane  and can’t do the payment now BUT please release the animals… and 20 other case studies from our teams….

MAKE SURE you have a clause in your invoice that states: “You are liable for delivery costs if the transport with YOUR ordered animals arrive at YOUR farm and you can’t receive them” .. for example  1) funds not payed as promised BEFORE RELEASE 2) people not available to receive as arranged …..

and if animals die because of YOUR delay to receive them – why should it be anyones elses loss?



Oldest trick in the book: Releasing animals on a farm WITHOUT a transport permit. Because then you broke the law to deliver, and got no proof that you even delivered the animals.
->To make this work: ONLY CASH is accepted and NO INVOICE/PAPERWORK is issued, BEFORE you open the truck to release the animals.



Back to the inexperienced capture teams: “They have NO back-up funds to cover their ass”.  So after they leave you farm with their catch, and they pay as promised,,,, and then suddenly you find out that all the baby/young animal are still left in the veld without their parents to feed them(they only took the moms – like impala) – WHAT THEN?
-> COME ON – that permit from nature concervation does not mean shit…(out of season is there for a reason).

The death of the “webcam wildlife auction” – basically it is dead before it even took off.

Ever heard of Periscope or Meerkat on Twitter? (OK, ever heard of Twitter?)

This is the most fantastic development for wildlife auctions. Live streaming wildlife auction via your cell phone for cheap-cheap. We have teams in the field already setting this up for some of the biggest auctions in the country. (With a few extra awesome kinks – go Rufus go).











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